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SDK feature request SubEntity

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SDK feature request SubEntity

Dev Team;

Add the ability to set subentity groups to null when the parent entity is Contacts+Groups or Contacts+Companies.



DB Issues?

My SWAG would be it seems doable since you can create the subentity with only a contact attached.

When the users adds a goup they would like to be able to also remove that group much like Opportunities


UI issues?

ui.ContactPickerDialog does not allow you to select none while ui.SelectGroupCompanyDialog does allow users to select null.

This would be OK but if you went so far as to allow .SetUsers(null) whilst a contact or groups is still attached then this dialog needs to allow users to select null. At the moment the code disabled the uiOK button when no contacts are selected. 


A second request would be to make it known to the development community when feature requests like this are made so we can adjust our add-ons accordingly.



-- jim durkin