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SDK Classes by Jim Durkin

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SDK Classes by Jim Durkin

I have been asked many times in the past for custom SDK work. In fact, I have done some coding in a other third party add-ons.


Would anybody be interested in a 4 hour on-line SDK class by me?
Some thoughts on the class.

  • Building your first Act! plugin using Visual Studio
  • Attaching menus
  • Creating new tabs
  • Adding buttons to the toolbar
  • Advanced function like View changed and Contact Changed events.


Attending class you would receive three of our internal Act! add-on templates:

  1. Menu Plugin
  2. Tab Plugin
  3. Toolbar Plugin

You would also receive a Visual Studio 'Act! add-on wizard'. This is a VS plugin which brings forward a 6 step wizard to build Act! add-on solutions inside VS.


You would also receive the Durkin SDK which allows you to extend Impact Suite with add-on architecture just like Act's SDK


Show of Hands.....

How many are interested in this type pf Act! SDK class?





What areas of the Act! SDK are you interested in?

What areas of the Impact SDK are you interested in?


How much would this be worth ?


Thanks for your feedback!

-- Jim Durkin




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Re: SDK Classes by Jim Durkin

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I would be interested but I don't think my company would pay for it unfortunatley unless it was really cheap.

Also if you did it I would be interested in C#.

The area I am most interested in is the Custom Sub Entities and performing lookups on them.  It is unfortunate that you can't easily do lookups on Custom Sub Entities.

I'm looking at the SelectQueryBuilder class on CodeProject to help me build my own.

If there was an easier way to use the functionality of the Advanced Query but on my Custom Tables I would be a happy guy.

I know that your addon does this but we need something to integrate with what we have already so I really need source code.