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Run act from the commandline

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Run act from the commandline

Is there a way to run act so that a particular database opens up.

I'm trying to launch Act from inside c# code and i'm using Process.Start to run it. I've used commandline switches etc but I don't seem to get an error, I just get the last used DB opening up.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Run act from the commandline

Hi Russel,
The last opened databases is stored in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ACT in a key called LastDBFileUsed.  You can probably progmatically amend this key and then call ACT! to start.  Thats the only way I know, I would be interested to know if you hear of a better way.
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Re: Run act from the commandline

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Hi Russel
execute the .pad file e.g.:

System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("C:\MyACTDatabase.pad" )


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