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Retrieving History Field Descriptor

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Retrieving History Field Descriptor

This is for Act! 21


Trying to retrieve a field descriptor from the history table only to get an error that it does not exist. I'm using the code below:

   fdHistoryDateFieldDescriptor = ACTFM.Histories.GetFieldDescriptor("TBL_HISTORY.STARTTIME")


I've also tried START_DATE_TIME and everytime the framework reports that the field does not exist.

Any idea how to get the time displayed by the history item?






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Re: Retrieving History Field Descriptor


I usually iterate thru all the field descriptor liek this....


cFieldDescrip = GetHistoryFieldDescriptorByName(HostFramework, "STARTDATE")


   Public Shared Function GetHistoryFieldDescriptorByDisplayName(ByVal HostFramework As Act.Framework.ActFramework, ByVal sDisplayName As String) As Act.Framework.Histories.HistoryFieldDescriptor
        ' Check all other fields in the GetNoteFieldDescriptors
        ' And return the One where sDisplayName = cField1.DisplayName
        For Each cField1 As Act.Framework.Histories.HistoryFieldDescriptor In HostFramework.Histories.GetFieldDescriptors()
            If sDisplayName.ToUpper = cField1.DisplayName.ToUpper Then
                Return cField1
                Exit For
            End If

        Return Nothing
    End Function

Hope this helps

-- Jim Durkin

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Posts: 197
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Re: Retrieving History Field Descriptor

Thank you Jim. That is a great way to get the names of the descriptors. In the past, we had to put TBL_HISTORY. in front in order to get the descriptor. However, when retrieving the history descriptors, supplying the field name only seems to do the trick.


Have a good weekend.