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Retrieve description from PickList?

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Retrieve description from PickList?



I was wondering if its possible to retrieve the picklist item description from the current contact?  (in other words, the selected items description) Im sure there must be a way...but as ever I'm stuck!!


Can easily retrieve the value.  Here's a snippet if it helps: 


Dim cContact2 As Contact = ActApp.ApplicationState.CurrentContact
Dim Field2 As Act.Framework.Contacts.ContactFieldDescriptor
Field2 = ActApp.ActFramework.Contacts.GetContactFieldDescriptor("TBL_CONTACT.CUST_MyPickList_013925323", True)
Msgbox (Field2.GetValue(cContact2))


Thanks a million


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Re: Retrieve description from PickList?

Hi Mark,


You can get the picklist item collection by using:




on each item inside this collection you will have a description property... so you basically have to get the field value and see which of these items is being used on the actual field. Then you go through the collection and retrieve the description for any of those used items.


Hope it helps Smiley Wink

Hugo Vale
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Re: Retrieve description from PickList?

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Hi Hugovale


Thanks for the speedy reply. I didnt really explain myself very well. Basically, I have a drop down field thats populated from a lookup where contacts have a certain ID/STATUS, and the drop down description for each contact is the unique ID. The plugin responds to field change events on that field, and I want to essentially lookup the unique ID in the description, and auto populate a few other fields with values from that contact. The description in the drop down is hidden, as users dont really want to be looking at a big ugly guid. I dont want to just look up the contact based on the visible fields (which is the contact name), as there could be duplicate names in there, that dont necessarily correspond to the correct contact.




I could well be going about this totally the wrong way...I dont know ACT well enough to be honest, but I couldnt see any other linking mechanism.


Hope this makes sense, and really aprpeciate your feedback


Cheers, Mark

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Re: Retrieve description from PickList?

Think Ive sorted my own problem! Well, in a way. It doesnt appear you can have duplicates in a drop down list! So I can lookup the picklist value and return the description. I just assumed you could have duplicates...oh well, live and learn and all that. Only half a day wasted Smiley Happy