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Regarding Plugins for different ACT versions

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Regarding Plugins for different ACT versions



We have developed a plugin for ACT version 11 using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.


The plugin references the following dlls:







I want to make my plugin, compatible with ACT 2010 and 2008 as well. I'm creating a button on the Contact Detail Toolbar to call my application in my plugin code. When I deployed my plugin, on ACT 2010, the icon that I create cannot be seen, but this can be seen when I deploy on ACT 2009.


Can you please let me know whether, I have to use different versions of the above dlls and build my plugin for each type of ACT version separately?



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Re: Regarding Plugins for different ACT versions

Do you get any errors/exceptions? Try to wrap your code with Try...catch statements to see if you get any exceptions and handle them from there. 

Hugo Vale
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Re: Regarding Plugins for different ACT versions

In general you would want to build your plugins/controls on the earliest version of ACT! you want to support (in this case ACT! 2008).  Assuming the assemblies and methods have not changed in a new version then you can see that each new version of ACT! supplies a assembly policy file that tells assemblies looking for older versions of an assembly to use the new one.


If you build a plugin in ACT! 2009 I wouldn't expect it to work on ACT! 2008 (though I've seen some crazy things in my life so I wouldn't be too suprised).


For ACT! 2010 there were some API changes especially around the UI so you'll need to first see if the methods/interfaces you use have changed.  If so  let us know the methods you are calling - it would help to see some code to understand what the problem might be. 

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Re: Regarding Plugins for different ACT versions

You have a few things going on here that need to be addressed.  First, if you use the dlls from 2007, *generally* you can could have good success with that plugin working with version 9 (2007) through the new v12 (2010).  I'm sure it's not a simple "all the time" statement, and it depends on the complexity of the plugin, but that's my input on that area.


Second, the way 2010 loads icons on the toolbar has changed from 2007-2009. Another developer showed me the differences, and when I get a few mins and can clean up an example, I'll post it.  My guess is that's the reason the icon is showing in 2009 and not 2010, as I had the same issue.


Hope this helps...

Richard Brust
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Re: Regarding Plugins for different ACT versions

The vast majority of things addons do, will work all the way from the 7.0 dll's to now, noteable exceptions are Custom Entities (Only supported on 10.2 and higher), and Opportunity code, which has changed twice, and the latest version especially, is no where near the same as previous versions.  The code below is more or less what you need to make your buttons/etc show up in 2010 (and it still works in earlier versions).  Note if your controls aren't on the contact view, adjust as needed.


private void AfterLogon(object Sender, System.EventArgs e)

    this.actApplication.ViewLoaded += new Act.UI.ViewEventHandler(actApplication_ViewLoaded);




void actApplication_ViewLoaded(object sender, Act.UI.ViewEventArgs e)
      IContactDetailView icdv = e.View as IContactDetailView;

        if (icdv != null)

                this.actApplication.ViewLoaded -= new ViewEventHandler(this.actApplication_ViewLoaded);







Nick Bohne
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Re: Regarding Plugins for different ACT versions

Hi Allen,


I have a similar issue (and not sure whether to 'reply' or add a new question).


Our application uses ACT DLLs:Ø       Act.FrameworkØ       Act.Shared.CollectionsØ       Act.UIØ       Act.UI.CoreØ       Act.UI.Remoting.Common From the above list, “Act.UI.Remoting.Common” is not in the supported list (refer Best Practice in SDK). It is used to get the contact fields as shown below: RemoteLibraryTab rlt = new RemoteLibraryTab();Act.UI.Remoting.Common.IField[] fds = rlt.GetContactFields(); 

I’m not sure whether this can cause an issue to ACT version 12 and future version.  The programmer who first used Act.UI.Remoting.Common is no longer with us but I recall he needed to use this to access firstname/lastname as seperate variables (as opposed to 'Contact' per say).

What are your thoughts on future compatibility if our application uses Act.UI.Remoting.Common and if an issue, is there an alsternate DLL to use to access all variable in the ACT database.?

Sam Khoury


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Re: Regarding Plugins for different ACT versions

Without knowing what your application does it's hard to say 100% whether you'll have any issues or not. I can say for certain that contact first and last name can be obtained without that assembly reference, however I'm assuming it was used in conjunction with attaching documents to remotes, in which case it's likely required.
Matthew Wood
Act! SDK Support
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