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References to previous versions cause error?

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References to previous versions cause error?

Program that used to work now fails.


Program compiled with references to v10.0.2 GAC dll's, on machine running 10.2.  Works fine on machine that upgraded from v10 to v11.  New machine started with v11.  When starting that program on that new machine, program fails with Sytem.IO error that the Act.Framework.dll file is not available.


What's the trick for a machine with only the latest version to successfully run a program compiled to be compatible with older versions?


(Never had this problem before - code compiled with v7.0 libraries always worked on machines with newer versions as well.)


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Re: References to previous versions cause error?

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Should work fine as long as your manifest isn't exclusively referencing a specific assembly version.   Make sure all your ACT! references in your project are set to "specific version = false"


For GAC'd assemblies you cant specify this, in that case, copy the .dll files out of the GAC to a local folder and reference them explicity in that location instead of thier GAC's version...


I compiled my addon app against the 10.0 release and it works fine all the way upto 11.1.183...

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