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Record Level Triggers in ACT!

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Record Level Triggers in ACT!

I just attended a training presentation at my client's location and the trainer showed an interesting capability to set field triggers, a pointer to an external program which can run when certain activities take place against a specified field.  The trainer wasn't aware of a counterpart capability at the record level but I could use this.  That is, can I cause a specified program to run if a user deletes or updates any field in a record?


The path to specifying the field level trigger was Tools | Define Fields | Pick Field ... Set Field Triggers.  We browsed around and, again, didn't see any opportunity for setting record level triggers.

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Re: Record Level Triggers in ACT!

You could always hook your event into the ContactUpdated event or whatever db based event you'd like to trigger your event. I know your having some difficulties with the reference document right now, but once we over come that you'll see there are a whole host of different events that fire at the occurrence of many different events.


Within the application there's no functionality that accomplishes this. Other than what you've been shown. 

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