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Question About User Specific Fields Within A Company Record

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Question About User Specific Fields Within A Company Record

Hi, I'm somewhat new to ACT. I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction for something we're trying to accomplish within ACT. We are using the latest version of ACT.


We want to have a custom field in the company record that is specific to the user that is logged in to ACT.




We have a company record PARTNER1. Each of our employees has a separate password that they use to access PARTNER1's website. In ACT, we want a field within the PARTNER1 company record that shows the username and password for the current logged in employee. We do not want the employee to see all employees login/passwords, just their own.


Can someone point me in the right direction to accomplish this. I have limited experience with ACT, but am a 10+ year developer and have worked on other CRMs in the past.


Thanks in advance for any helpful answers!

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Re: Question About User Specific Fields Within A Company Record

A plug-in is probably going to be the way to go here, that will allow you to check to see who the currently logged in user is.


From there we could populate the value of a field in the company view with the correct username and password.I would however include something in one of the events prior to the db closing (unload or beforelogoff) to set the value of this field back to null/string.Empty


There are several examples on this board of getting field descriptors for various entities and assigning values, if none of those get your going in the right direction or you have anyother question related to this topic feel free to repost them to this thread.

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