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Problem with linking a contact to a group

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Problem with linking a contact to a group

There is one DB where I cannot link a contact to a group. If I delete the group and create it new, I can link the contact, but if I unlink the contact and try adding the same contact to the same group later, the contact is not added.

Here's how I tried adding a contact:


var cList = act.Contacts.GetContactAsContactList(contact);




var gcontacts = group.GetStaticContacts(new SortCriteria[] { });

var ids = gcontacts.Cast<Contact>().Select(c => c.ID).ToList();
var contactsToAdd = act.Contacts.GetContactsByID(new SortCriteria[] { }, ids.ToArray());


Both don't throw any exceptions and don't add the contact to the group.


Here's the code when I create a group and add the contact and it works:

var group = act.Groups.CreateGroup();
group.Name = groupFromSource;


ACT version is 2013 and this problem can be reproduced on 1 DB only. No group or contact-related errors in the LogViewer.exe. I made a copy of the DB via Save Copy As... and it has exactly the same problem.


What can I do to get more information about why this is happening? Are there any other methods that add a contact to a group?

Any help is appreciated.

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Re: Problem with linking a contact to a group

Have you tried running the maintenance routines inside ACT! and in actdiag on the database?  Sounds like a database issue to me.  Your code looks fine.


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Re: Problem with linking a contact to a group

Yes, that was the first thing that I did.