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Problem with CreateNote

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Problem with CreateNote

I am trying to write a note to a contact, and I am getting hung up on the 'notetype' parameter.  Here's my code:


Sub MakeNote(ByRef fwk As Act.Framework.ActFramework, ByRef contact As Act.Framework.Contacts.Contact, ByVal text AsString) 

Dim ntype AsAct.Framework.Notes.NoteType, note as Act.Framework.Notes.Note

ntype = New Act.Framework.Notes.NoteType(Act.Framework.Notes.SystemNoteType) 

note = fwk.Notes.CreateNote(ntype, text, Now, False, contact) 



Visual Studio rejects the third line from the bottom.


Thanks for your help,



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Re: Problem with CreateNote

WIthout the exception I'm just having to guess. But I think you've used an invalid note type. The note manage class should have a GetNoteTypes method, so you can get a collection of all valid note types.

Matthew Wood
Act! SDK Support
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