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Preferred way to integrate ACT data with current web app data

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Preferred way to integrate ACT data with current web app data

We currently hold client data in a few different places. As we think about moving towards a new CRM (ACT!) one thing that I would like to take a look at is essentially using the ACT! database to be the centralized location for all of our client/contact data that is used across our multiple sites. This would allow for all client organization and contact data to be stored and updated in one place. I have been doing a bit of reading and it would seem that the suggested way to do this would be to take advantage of the ACT SDK, though since most of our web apps are in PHP, I don't think that is a viable solution. What would be the suggested way for a PHP app to interact with ACT? I realize that I may just have to connect directly to the databse. It looks like ACT charges for the SA password, is that also the case if you install ACT on an existing SQL server database? Thanks -Brian
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Re: Preferred way to integrate ACT data with current web app data

An option for you to consider would be Inaport for ACT! (from us).
Inaport is a general purpose integration product for the entire Sage CRM solutions family, including ACT!. InaPlex is a Sage Endorsed Development Partner.
Inaport will let you:
  • pull data from any ODBC data source, and text files
  • transform data from any format to any other format or data type
  • insert or update in company, contact, history, opportunities, and custom entities (ACT 10.0.2 only)
  • match on any field or combination of fields so you prevent duplicates
  • schedule regular updates
It also provides comprehensive logging and robust error handling.
Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask, or contact us direct at:
David Evans