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Preferences problem in some Act! databases

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Preferences problem in some Act! databases

I use this kind of settings (egzample):


UserPreferences up = actApp.ActFramework.Preferences.UserPreferences;

up.SetBoolValue("KeyPath", m_booleanValue, true);


But value does not set to the database. But not always. Generally works, but in some Act! databases not works (sometimes in the begining was working, but stoped). (I use also this kind of metods like



But I check in the database in the table [TBL_PREFERENCE], but there is no values. (Generaly there are, but in some databases not). What could be wrong with Act! database?


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Re: Preferences problem in some Act! databases

If preferences are having issues sticking, often it's a result of permissions issues or some issue accessing the %appdata% path. Since the issue is not occurring for every user it'd be helpful to find out if there are any commonalities amongst the users experience the problem.

Matthew Wood
Act! SDK Support
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