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Populating your CustomSubEntities

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Populating your CustomSubEntities

by david on 12-19-2007 8:54 AM


So - you have a shiny new CustomSubEntity - invoices, or insurance policies for example - and a back office system holding all the data. How to get it from back office system into ACT!?

A possible way is to use Inaport. Inaport is an professional ETL product, specialised for mid-market CRM systems. It supports SalesLogix, Sage CRM,, GoldMine, and of course ACT!

Inaport is sold by Sage world wide for use with SalesLogix and CRM; InaPlex is a Sage Premier Solutions Partner.

We now have a beta of Inaport that understands custom entities. It will discover any sub entities in the ACT! database and present them to the Inaport user interface, allowing you to map source data to them, and create, update or delete. Inaport has powerful data transformation capabilities, very sophisticated matching, and professional logging and documentation.

There is a short movie on our web site that demonstrates using Inaport to read an Excel spreadsheet, and create contacts and policies in ACT!. The Policy entity was created using the demo in the 10.0.2 SDK.

Movie is at:

This is a beta. Current restrictions are:
1. Sub entity must belong to a contact, not company or group
2. Create only - cannot yet do an update or delete on a sub entity

If any partner would like to have a play with the beta, please contact

Feel free to check out our web site, or visit the forums.




David Evans
Inaport - CRM Integration