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Plugin slows down typing?

Nickel Super Contributor
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Country: Canada

Plugin slows down typing?

Is there any reason why having a plugin loaded could slow down TYPING into the Lookup box on the left nav bar?  Not actually doing the search, but the typing part boggles me.  Sometimes it's OK, other times you type a few letters and have to wait for it to catch up.  If I turn the plugin off, it's less prone to this and is quicker.


I can't even come up with a good theory on it.  The plugin does detect Contact record changes so it can reload data on a custom tab, but nothing that has to do with the lookup box.


Anyone run into this or have any insight into what may be going on?




Len Kamerman
ACT! Certified Consultant

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Nickel Contributor
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Country: USA

Re: Plugin slows down typing?

If I'm understanding correctly, this plugin is just looking for changes on contact records. Based on that, the plugin might be hooking into the TextChanged/IndexChanged events of each control on the screen. This could include the lookup box, depending on how they did it (e.g. sloppily). If this is the case, it may be trying to find a field that doesn't exist to check for changes and it takes a bit to do that. This is obviously just a guess, but it does seem like the plugin could use some code cleanup.