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Plugin Loads but Command will not run

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Plugin Loads but Command will not run



I have a plugin that adds a button to the Opportunity toolbar.


When the button is clicked, I am getting varying results.


On one computer, the WinForm will appear after clicking the button. On another computer under a different Act login, nothing happens. I have a Try/Catch in the WinForm OnLoad event, and there is no exception.


Are there minimum User rights required to run a plugin in Act that I am missing, or could it be something else?





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Re: Plugin Loads but Command will not run

Unless the plugin itself specifies minimum user rights any user should have access.


You could try adding another try/catch to the OnClick event calling the WinForm or even just a dummy MessageBox to just be sure the even is firing at all.

Matthew Wood
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Re: Plugin Loads but Command will not run

I saw this recently on a plugin we wrote for a customer years ago that just decided to error out one day.  No problems and then it just stopped working.  We turned on the heavy duty logging and found an exception about not being able to find Act.Framework or a dependency.  Reinstall of Act! fixed it.






Len Kamerman
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Re: Plugin Loads but Command will not run

HI Mike,


I've seen this on a number of occasions when the developer has added the menu item OnLoad, ViewLoaded or a similar event but then doesn't remove it before closing the application.


If you don't add your menu item each time, you don't subscribe to the event hander the second time round and the menu will do nothing.


I like to check if the menu exists when ViewLoaded fires, if it does I remove it and then re-add it.


I hope this helps.


Kind regards,