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Pierre's Data Chart Control for 10.0.2 - Custom Template

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Pierre's Data Chart Control for 10.0.2 - Custom Template

I just wanted to say that it is a fantastic control. In fact I was busy writing struggling to write a very similar control internally and this has saved me a lot of effort and hours debugging! Hurrah!


As Pierre asked if we make any custom templates to poast them up and share, here is a quick one I have made. There is a strange Object not set error when you select it in the editor but I suspect its most probably something I have not done properly rather than anything to do with Pierre's code! Smiley Happy


Basically this template is a simple one and creates a Pie Chart of all the contacts and their ID/Status.


      <string>Contacts by ID/Status</string>
    <value>Select Count(dbo.VRP_CONTACT."CONTACT Contact"), dbo.VRP_CONTACT."CONTACT ID/Status" From dbo.VRP_CONTACT Where dbo.VRP_CONTACT."CONTACT Record Manager" in ({Record Manager|USERS|%}) Group By dbo.VRP_CONTACT."CONTACT ID/Status" Having  dbo.VRP_CONTACT."CONTACT ID/Status" in ({Contact ID/Status|PICKLIST:Contact ID/Status|%});1;FALSE</value>


Once again thanks Pierre you are a star!



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