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OpporunityProduct Fields

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OpporunityProduct Fields

I'm a little confused about the OpportunityProduct entity. Please see the two samples below. Please could someone explain why the fields returned are different? Thanks.



Here I want to get all of the field definitions for the OpportunityProduct. There is an item “Item #” returned.


Dim Fields() As DBFieldDescriptor

Fields = _App_ACT.Instance.ActFramework.Products.OpportunityProductManager.GetFieldDescriptors




Here I am trying to get the field data relating to an Opportunity and assumed that it would consist of the same fields (as returned by the above). Here there is no field called “Item #” but there is a field called “ItemNumber”.


Dim OppProductList As Act.Framework.CustomEntities.CustomEntityList(Of Act.Framework.Opportunities.OpportunityProduct)

OppProductList = _App_ACT.Instance.ApplicationState.CurrentOpportunity.GetProducts(Nothing)

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Re: OpporunityProduct Fields

My understanding (which is limited) is the Opportunitites is a primary table now in Act where as the Product table is a subEntity, and i think your sample code is around the wrong way

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