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Opportunities Tab - Custom Project

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Opportunities Tab - Custom Project

I am looking for a programmer to add some field into the products services tab within the opportunities function of the current version of ACT.


This tool will be used to record quotation parameters for the opportunity and allow me to generate a "quotation" that can be email to the client from within ACT.


Current Workflow

Prospect submits a request for quote

Prospect is added to database

New opportunity is generated


---------- New feature comes in here ----------


Normally you provide a quote on a product and track it as an opportunity. Out product is "commission", but we need to maintain a record of quote parameters. Once all of the info is entered based upon the clients requirements you would hit a calculate button to solve for the monthly payment. The commission that is entered in the table becomes the "product" price for sales tracking from within the opportunities section. We are then able to send a report 'the quote" to the client and track for further action using existing features within ACT opportunities.


I have specs of new fields and any cals required to send by email. The calcautor is based upon a pmt calcuation (ie PV, FV, N,I Pmt)

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Re: Opportunities Tab - Custom Project

Try opportunity list plus or the durkin toolkit from Durkin Computing.



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Re: Opportunities Tab - Custom Project

Send me an email and we can discuss working on your custom project, it doesnt sound too dificult..





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Re: Opportunities Tab - Custom Project

You might also take a look at Quotewerks.
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