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Opp Products Sort Order

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Opp Products Sort Order

Is there a known issue in ACT 2010 where the attached products ignores the Sortorder criteria


Dim cFieldDescrip As Act.Framework.MutableEntities.MutableEntityFieldDescriptor

' My Class to get the field descriptor

cFieldDescrip  = Durkin.Common.Classes.Opportunity.GetFieldDescriptorByANY("Name", Me.EntityListChildManager)

Dim SortCriteria(0) As Act.Shared.Collections.SortCriteria

Dim SingleCriteria As Act.Shared.Collections.SortCriteria

SingleCriteria = New Act.Shared.Collections.SortCriteria(cFieldDescrip, 0)

SortCriteria = New Act.Shared.Collections.SortCriteria() {New Act.Shared.Collections.SortCriteria(cFieldDescrip, System.ComponentModel.ListSortDirection.Ascending)}


cProductList = Me.CurrentOpportunity.GetProducts(SortCriteria)


In ACT 2012 returns the list in 'Name' order.

In ACT 2010 ignores the sort and returns in random order???



-- Jim Durkin

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Re: Opp Products Sort Order

Yes there was, the issue was resolved in the initial release of version 13.

Matthew Wood
Act! SDK Support
Community Moderator