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OLEDB "initialization of the data source failed"

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OLEDB "initialization of the data source failed"

I'm running Act 2011 on a Windows XP Pro environment with Office 2007.  I'm attempting to use OLEDB to access the history table of my database.  I follow the instructions in article 25186 (How to Create an OLE DB 2.0 Connection in ACT! by Sage 2010 (and Later Versions)).  I keep getting "Initialization of the data source failed". 


The funny thing is that when I try the same proceedure on the Act2010Demo.pad database, it works fine; all kinds of data spills into Excel.  And for some reason, I can't open the Act2011Demo.pad database to try it there.  The user Chris Huffman with no password does not work to open it.


Bottom line: I really need to access histories in my Act 2011 database and put them in Excel.  Any ideas?

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Re: OLEDB "initialization of the data source failed"

A few things that might be worth trying:


Open ActDiag, go to the databaselist, right click on any database your not able to create a connection to and choose rebuild -> OLEDB Reporting Objects


Also, if you create a text file and rename the extension to udl, you can use that to test the connection to the OLE provider and ensure that it's unrelated to excel, which is unlikely anyway since it did open one of the databases.


If both of the demodatabases aren't in the same phsycial location that may be worth looking into as it could be a permissions related.


Lastly, create a new database and try with it, it may just be an issue with that particular demo and it wouldn't be worthwhile to spend too much time troubleshooting a demo db.

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