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OLEDB Permission Denied error

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OLEDB Permission Denied error



We have a user receiving a Permission Denied message when attempting to connect to the data provider. We've verified (repeatedly) that the user/password information is correct, and we've rebuilt the views in ActDiag. I recall seeing an issue some time ago with this type of problem happening due to a problem with the location attribute in the database pad file, but we've checked that as well.


Are there any other known causes of this message?




- Rob

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Re: OLEDB Permission Denied error

Some more information might help narrow down the problem.


Are all users, including newly created users getting the same message and are you able to established a connection to the demo database? That ought to at least narrow it down.

Matthew Wood
Act! SDK Support
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Re: OLEDB Permission Denied error

Try 'Run as adminstrator"


-- Jim Durkin