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Newbie who knows nothing about SDK but needs help

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Newbie who knows nothing about SDK but needs help

Hello all.


I am not an expert in SDK. In fact, I know nothing.  I am trying to go through some of the terms and how it works now.


What I am trying to do is 3 things:


1) I want to target a contact field when it changes.  If a contact field changes,  copy this value to the clipboard AND execute an outside application.

    a) I just need a simple example. 


2) I am also interested in finding out how to "push data" back into any contact field.


3) Finally, I am interested in dynamically adding groups and subgroups to group/company lists without ACT! being open. 


I know that I might be asking too much and that I should learn more before I ask, but, hey, I might as well give it a shot.

Even if it's simple, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank You,





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Re: Newbie who knows nothing about SDK but needs help

Hi patgen,


I don't think it is possible to capture individual field events but hopefully I am wrong in this! Maybe Carlton could correct me see the discussion:


There is a FieldEventsAttribute with a ctor taking 3 strings. I presume that they are most probably paths to extrnal apps, so you could append the GetValue().ToString() to that string with '+= ' and your 3rd party app could take that in as a commandline param?


2. myContactFieldDescriptor.SetValue(oContact, "myValue");


3. Not too sure I fully follow this question. I usually write Framework apps for batch updaing and plugins for dynamic updating. but you could statically add a contact to a group using the oFramework.Groups.UpdateContactStaticMembership(myContact,grpListToRemoveFrom,grpListToAddTo);




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