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Newbie looking for dev info

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Newbie looking for dev info

by ljleavell on  01-21-2008 5:55 PM

Hello Everyone:

 I'm new to using ACT but have programmed with other technologies.  I have read some of the white papers on this site but still have some questions.

1.  Is form development possible with ACT Premium? (i.e.  RFQ Form, Call Report, forms related to Sales Administration)  If so, are there tutorials available.  If not, what are the alternatives?

2.  Is it possible to add workflow to ACT via Outlook?  i.e.  e-mailing reports, etc.

3.  What does the SDK offer?

4.  Are there any additional good resources for ACT on the internet (in addition to this site of course)?


Many thanks,

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Re: Newbie looking for dev info

Welcome to the ACT! space, hopefully I can answer your questions:
1.  Existing 'detail' views can be modified in-product via the layout designer.  You can't create new forms in-product, but you do have the ability to develop new forms (dialogs) as an add-on (plugin) developer.
2.  ACT! does has mail merge capabilities.  I'm not sure if you're asking about creating new functionality - ACT! does allow you to have access to all of the entities/data in ACT!, so it is possible to interface with whatever system you like, such as Outlook, as long as it also has some SDK interface.
3.  The ACT! SDK offers a contact management framework with full access to all of ACT! entities/data and functionality (security, etc..), and add-on (plugin) capabilities allowing you to extend the application, user interface, add custom controls, or integrate with external systems.   You can also access data via the ACT! OLEDB provider.
4.  In case you haven't ran accross it here, I would recommend checking out this info: