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New to ACT, hope someone can advise me

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New to ACT, hope someone can advise me

Hello all


Is it possible to create custom tables in Act on a one-to-many relationship? E.g. each "contact" could have several seperate "accounts" linked on contact's ID.


A client has recently tasked me to replace their Act system with a new RDBMS because they don't think the above scenaro is possible using Act. However, I do not want to move them away from Act if they don't need to as their database is well established. Unfortunately I'm a C#/web developer and no expert on Act so any advice would be much appreciated!





Nickel Elite Contributor
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Re: New to ACT, hope someone can advise me

The custom sub entity feature was added in ACT! 10.3 - there are several add-on products which can help do what you are describing and info in this forum and the adjacent devnet downloads forum that might help.  Search on: custom sub entity.