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New to ACT and VB

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New to ACT and VB

Hi everyone,


i'm a fairly novice VB programmer who has been given ACT to work with (ACT! by Sage Premium 2009 (11.0) Version It also has the Top Line designer add on. I've currently been given the task to customise some of the UI features by using the cut down script editor provided with the TopLine designer. I've found this really limited and hard to debug with. A lot of you seem to be working with c# in .Net etc. I've also seen talk about an SDK for ACT. 


Ideally i would like to customise ACT through VS.NET and be able to use Visual Studios debugging, intelisense etc.  Can somebody provide me with some basic guide to start out? I'm really quite lost and overwelmed with all the threads on these boards, i can't seem to filter through it all to find the appropriate info...


Many thanks

Nickel Super Contributor
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Re: New to ACT and VB

The first thing I would do is download the SDK (you'll have to do a search of this site, I don;t have a link sorry).  The SDK has some really good documentation and basic samples in it to get you started, have a go with those, if you get stuck come back and ask questions....