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New note every time you leave a contact

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New note every time you leave a contact


In my version of ACT premium, it is used as a CRM and my users move throughout our database contact by contact (Contact being a customer).

On each contact, there is a tab where a note can be left this serves as a record of you interact with that customer.


My users are not leaving notes enough and therefore i lose data.


I wish to add an automated function that is not currently an option in the software.


The function would be this. When a user leaves a contact/customer in any way a "new note" dialogue box will open before it leaves that screen giving them that extra nudge to leave a record of there interaction with that customer/contact.


Please see a visual attached


can anyone advise me if this is possible?

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Re: New note every time you leave a contact

Just saw your message not sure if anyone replied yet but we could definitely program this for you it would not be a problem. Feel free to reach out to our addon developer Matt ( and he can give you more details.


Gary Robillard

Corelogix Coporation