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Need help developing custom report solution

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Need help developing custom report solution

Requirements: Users within ACT navigate to a Contact List or a selected Contact.  From there, launch a screen or report that takes the selected contact(s) and retrieves correlated operational data from a separate SQL Server, combining the results.


What I have researched so far:


1) Use third party tool to create custom sub-entity tables related to the Contacts table, that will store correlated data from external source.  Build tab within Contact Detail screen to display the sub-entity data.  Use SQL Server Integration Services to import correlated data into ACT database.  This works fine and users can see data in tab of off Contact Detail screen.  However, using the built-in Report Designer I am unable to create a report that displays the custom sub-entity data (which I have found out to be a built-in limitation in Report Designer).


2) Use the SDK to design a plug-in to access the run-time Application and extract the current contact query.  Parse this query and pass it into a Crystal Report or Report Services report and launch the report from a custom menu item.  I am only theorizing this solution at this point and have done little testing.


Any suggestions or guidance would be appreciated! 


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Re: Need help developing custom report solution

Have you explored the OLEDB provider? Should give you Custom-Entity information.




Hope this helps,


Carlton Jones
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