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Need Help on Custom Sub Entity Table

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Need Help on Custom Sub Entity Table


Dear All


I have need Help on Custom Sub Entity table . I am working with Custom Sub Entity Table there I am facing some problems .

 My Problems   


(1) I have create one Custom Sub entity table that have 12 columns (Fields) . Now I want to display result in three lavel.

(2) Firts Data Grid View Display only sinlgle Column unique value  like manufactute name according Current Company >now click on any manufacture name in first Data Grid View>then display all prduct name in second Data Grid View> now click on any product name in second Data Grid View>then display remaining 10 columns in third Data Grid View.

(3)Each Data Grid View will be fill by seprate three dialog box using ADD/EDIT/DLETE button on each Data Grid View

(4) How can display Data Grid View values in Excel sheet using Button ExcelReport 

 (5) any one can  Help me? I have too need this solution ?


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Re: Need Help on Custom Sub Entity Table

Hi snsindore,


If I understand you correctly you want to display the contents of your custom sub entity (CSE) in different GUI's from within a single Tab in ACT!.

Secondly you would like to be able to use the One-Click to Excel to export out the Data for the CSE.


In answer to point that should be fairly straight forward creating the Tab, I think you can find smaple code on this in the SDK package for creating a new Tab. Next you just need to dock=fill it with a Custom Control and plugin your business logic to take care of the events.


With relation to the second point, I do not think it is possible to overload/override the finctionality of the export to excel feature to force in your own CSE. You may need to look at just creating your own Toolbar Button and then putting in the logic for the export there. Unfortunately I can't think of any quick way off the top of my head other than this long-winded methodology.




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