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Macro for easliy making of reports

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Macro for easliy making of reports

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Hi !


I'm currently doing some work for a large company, and i'm working in act. I've done report templates and a customer database and its working all fine. But, i want to separate the ones who are "Company OEM's (original equipment manufacturer)" and external "OEM's" . I have done lookups and it's working very well, but i want to do the procedure so easy as possible. And now the procedure is following :


-Do a lookup --> Run a report ---> On current lookup ---> Choose template depending on wether it's a company OEM or External OEM ---> Done


This is a quite long procedure, and this can be tuff for the ones that is not very good with computers. Can you in some way do this more simple ? I'm thinking of something like this :


Run report ---> A window pops up and asks if you want to search company OEM's or external OEMS's --- > depending on answer it chooses either the report for Comp. OEM's or the report for External OEM's .


Is this possible ?


Thanks in advance ,


Best Regards


Mr. Andreas Strandberg

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Re: Macro for easliy making of reports

You couldn't do it with a macro you'd have to write it in .net.  Also I may be wrong but I don't think there's a function in the SDK for running reports and displaying them.



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Re: Macro for easliy making of reports

I concur.


Recently I was looking to programmatically 'pop' a preview/print report dialog and came up empty handed...


Guessing that is has to do with the 3rd part components that Act! uses?  OR maybe, they just haven't gotten around to exposing this in the SDK...?



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Re: Macro for easliy making of reports

Andreas -


What's the end result for the report - Excel or Access (for analysis), or Word/email (print format).  I'm more familiar with Excel and Access, and you could create an Excel worksheet or an Access database that prompts for input before fetching the data.  The user would only have to either just open the file, or maybe choose a menu item/button to trigger the process.


Hope this helps...

Richard Brust
ACT! Certified Consultant