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In Act.Framework.Lookups there is a method LookupContactsReplace and one of the overloads is:


public ContactLookup LookupContactsReplace( 
   string sql,
   bool includePrivate,
   bool includeUsers

I wonder if anyone can tell me the format of the sql to use in the first parameter.  Presumably this overload is when you'd like to replace the criteria objects with a single sql statement...I just cannot "guess" at the format.  An example would be nice.  For example, does it just need a WHERE clause and what must the query ID guids?  Can you SELECT from other tables?  I tried a bunch of things and it doesn't throw an exception but never gives me anything.



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Re: LookupContactsReplace

Wish i could be of more help, but every time I've seen this method used it's been with one of the other overloads.

Matthew Wood
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