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I don't know if i've missed a huge chunk of information somewhere but if someone could get back to me on this it would be great.


I've just started creating entities for Act and have edited the tab (policies) example that you can download, my question is, how easy is it to make this information avaliable via the Lookup function in act? If anyone has done it can they provide some example coding?


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Edit: Using C#.

Message Edited by Dave on 07-23-2008 07:05 AM
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Re: Lookup.

The only way I know of is to get a list of all sub entities in the database and iterate through them checking the field you want to check for your desired value.  Each time I find a sub entity that matches I add the parent entity's id to an array and when I'm done create a contact/company list from that.  Hope some of that made sense Smiley Happy Sorry no C# examples, can knock someting up in VB if you need it.