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List of all Contacts despite logged on user or at least...

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List of all Contacts despite logged on user or at least...

 protect 1 private contact from edits if made public.




Is there a way to do as the subject suggest and get a list of all contacts regardless of the permissions of the logged on user? The administrator of the database has a contact record that gets notified when certain events happen. Problem is that when the logged on user is say browse role we can't get programatically the entire contact list so we can't get the info to notify the hidden contact of the change....


A less desirable but alternative is to make the Notification contact public but then we would want them to be read only so the browse or standard etc... user can't change anything.




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Re: List of all Contacts despite logged on user or at least...

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I think I understand your dilemma. 


You want to allow a browse user to use a particular workstation and to notify an ‘administrator’ only contact about the changes. 


(Un)fortunately, the SDK and plugins will inherit all those permissions of the currently logged on user – a browse user. 


One solution that I can think of that you might want to consider is passing your plugin Administrator rights (or at least high enough rights to be able to see and modify your private contact – standard user but the contact's manager?). 


You could accomplish this by hard coding the login credentials for a user that has the necessary permissions in your plugin. Essentially maintaining a different framework to do the work you need to the private contact.

This could be transparent to the currently logged in user (browse) as they would never see the SDK pass the login information though the plugin and then using this admin-level framework (ACT SDK instance) to do the necessary work to the private contact.


I know of a couple of plugins that make use of this 'work-around'.


I hope this helps,



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