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List View Back / Foward arrows

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List View Back / Foward arrows

I've been moving between views (list views, calendars, etc) using View menu items and now NavBar buttons.  But I can't seem to get the Forward and Back buttons to register my movements in its "tracking".


I've set my BindingFlags and CurrentCulture

I've created a ViewAgent with those BindingFlags, Parameters (My ACTApp), and CurrentCulture

I've created a ViewPacket with those BindingFlages, Parameters (My CustemEntityList, the ListDisplayName, the ViewAgent, the CommandBarCollection, and the Interfacename), and CurrentCulture

Ive created a ViewManager

I've used that ViewManager to Get the Views

I've used the Views.Add method to add myviewName and ViewPacket

I've used GetMethod to get a LoadView with those BindingFlags

And I've used that LoadView to Invoke my ViewPacket


But then when I use the Back button or Forward button, I get an error that reads: "Failed to create view myViewName: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at ACT.UI.ViewManager.GetView(String viewKey)"


What am I missing?


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