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Link to Company Field!

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Link to Company Field!

Hello All,


In define fields you can link a contact field to a company field, how do I do this via visual basic code when I am creating a new field, basically I want to create a contact and a company field via code and then link them. In the sdk I can see where you can set other properties such as field length but nothing about linking fields. Anyone have any thoughts?



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Re: Link to Company Field!

There are a couple of ways of doing this that I can think of.


One "neater" method might be to create a Custom Control. However I must admit I really hate creating Custom Controls within ACT! SDK! Another approach could be by hard coding in the cross-entity push/pull logic via a menu item/toolbar button which is User initiated and then mapping the relationships via XML file on each client machine. 


Someone else might be able to come up with some more elegant methods than these hopefully!



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