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Is this possible?

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Is this possible?

Hi there,


I've been asked to write a "mobile" web interface for my employers' Act 2008 install. The primary target is the iPhone, so APFW is out of the question for this. Basically all it needs to do is connect to the central DB, provide contact lookup/basic info + allow adding to history/notes. Each user will login with their own Act login. Sounds straightforward enough, yes?


I'm new to the SDK, so forgive me if I'm making a simple error here, but I cannot connect to the database using Act.Framework.LogOn(). Despite several different permeations it throws up an error about the database supplimental files (c:\ActDB\Company_Contacts-database files - the location of the files on the Act server). I'm afraid the exception message isn't very helpful so I can't provide more info than that.


Currently I'm connecting like this:



ActFramework Act = new ActFramework(); Act.LogOn(ActUser, ActPass, "Sql", "ActSrv", "Company_Contacts");





Is what I've been asked to do possible?

Is it possible to connect to the central database from the web application? Or do I have to use a remote database on the web server?