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Is there a Real Estate Module available?

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Is there a Real Estate Module available?

Good evening,


I am trying to find a module, patch, or template for the old Act! 2010 Real Estate. I just purchased the Act! 2013 Pro and I am looking to be able to utilize a system similar to that. Is there anything currently available? I need it so I may consolidate down to one database.

Thank you,

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Re: Is there a Real Estate Module available?

Hi Logan,


the product is discontinued, we have a bunch of Real-Estate users using our Addon Table-IT and we would be more then happy helping you to convert the data if needed,


if i can help you in any way, let me know




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ACC since 1995
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Re: Is there a Real Estate Module available?



Does your Add-on allow for the customization of opportunities to the point of being able to add Activity Series or Task Plans to them?


My workflow varries from opportunity to opportunity and I may have several unique workflows for each Contact and or Company with some overlaping of relationships and actionable items tied to each opportunity - varying, from one opportunity to the next.


I think I've waited since 2006 or so for this one.  Decided to pick up v16 with the demise of XP.  So far, I am not finding much in terms of additional usability, only more redundancy and some missing / difficult to access regulary used features, a huge logo and gigantic non-scalable buttons that contain shortcuts to a number of features I access elsewhere in the program (wasted space, unnecessary, unutilized and intrusive).

My rant.  Will likely get used to some of this, but am hoping for more customization.