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Integrating ACT! with Mitel phone system

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Integrating ACT! with Mitel phone system

We are currently running ACT! Premium (2008) and have a Mitel 3300 CXi telephone switch. Some work has already been done to integrate these together with our Computertel/Realconnect voice recording system, which allow us to see the incoming calls displayed with the name (from ACT! dbase) when running Mitel's Unified Communicator. It then tags a document with a link to the recording to the contact, but you have to manually open this during the call.


What we would like, is for an incoming call that has a matching record in the ACT! dbase, to open that contact on the desktop of the person answering the call. They could then add notes and the recording would be tagged in the documents as now.


Not sure if this possible with the kit/systems we have or which way we would tackle it (from the Sage side or the Mitel). Has anybody out there done something similar or can recommend a company/person who could do this? Any help, advice or pointers would be welcome.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Integrating ACT! with Mitel phone system

I haven't done any phone integration, but if the API from the Mitel system provides enough information it'd be fairly straightforward to have act navigate to the specific contact. It would however require that act already be open when this occurs.

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