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Inserting Phone Numbers via SDK

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Inserting Phone Numbers via SDK

Any phone numbers that I insert via the SDK using cContact.Fields("TBL_CONTACT.BUSINSESS_PHONE",true) = "1234567890" is added to the DB with no errors  and displays correctly in ACT,  but when I do a lookup and specifiy Phone does not contain Data  the record is listed.  When I look at the

database the TBL_Phone record has the contactID,NUMBERDISPLAY and CountryCode  but no Numbervalue or MaskID.  So I assume that the lookup phone does not contain data looks at the numbervalue field.


Question How do I get the Numbervalue field of the TBL_Phone table filled via the SDK?

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Re: Inserting Phone Numbers via SDK



Have you tried using the ContactFieldDescriptor object's SetValue() method e.g.:


ContactFieldDescriptor cField = oFRam.Contacts.GetCOntactFieldDescriptor("TBL_CONTACT.BUSINESS_PHONE",true);cField.SetValue(cContact,"1234567890");


Maybe that will update all data columns?




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