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Important - useful advice greatly required - Contact/Opportunities List -->Export to Pivot Tables

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Important - useful advice greatly required - Contact/Opportunities List -->Export to Pivot Tables

I have had this posted for a couple of days and have had quite a few folks review it; but no resolutions/suggestions provided. Here is what I posted:
I am looking at a excel workbook that contains pivot tables and the "data" worksheet is a combination of 13 Fields from a Contact list and 4 Fields from an Opportunities list.   However, thus far, I have not been able to generate this same "data" worksheet again to duplicate the reporting/pivot tables for a new report.
When I go to customize the list in either Contacts or Opportunities, I am not able to pick all 17 fields used to generate the original report.  How do I combine this two list into one to generate an excel pivot tables spreadsheet?   I looked at Groups and this did not do anything; I hit the same roadblock.
Thank you!
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Re: Contact/Opportunities List -->Export to Pivot Tables

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To combine data from two ACT tables into an Excel pivot table, the easiest solution that I can think of would be to use the ACT OLEDB provider from Excel and do an inner join of the tables that you need, using a SQL statement. Pierre's blog has an excellent demonstration of accessing the oledb provider from Excel. I don't know how familiar you are with SQL, but you will need to become somewhat familiar with it if you are not. Then you will then be able to filter just the information that you need.

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**Actually, I did not realize that the OLEDB used views to present the data. It may be hard to find a column to join on! ** If you could access SQL Server directly, you would be able to do the above.

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