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Import Overflow Tables Issue in 2009

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Import Overflow Tables Issue in 2009

Do we have an idea on when the importing issue will be resolved in 2009 (11.0)?


I was caught off guard on this yesterday.  Beside my embarrassment, the project had to stop while I researched further to find a solution. For those of you who may not be up to speed on this, you can not import data from another ACT database into any field created by ACT in an contact overflow table in ACT! 2009.  Kind of a biggie...


In my case, I was importing data from a converted 6.0 database.  After spending an hour racking my brain, I finally accepted defeat and called tech support and found out about the bug.


I, like many others, try, as often as possible, to peruse this new forum and I understand there is a knowledge base article on this issue (KB23145) but this may be one of those times where Sage should take advantage of the ACC News Flash.


Sometimes, ACC's need to perform 30 or more steps in a particular order in order to upgrade a client or resolve the clients data situation.  Most of us know the horrors of an environment where "Gina's using Outlook and Chris has Excel and Bubba uses the Palm Desktop but he hasn't synced his phone in 9 months..... Bring it together please and do it on budget".  We, as ACC's, need to step back to our offices and map out every step and consider every variable.


To get 15 steps into it and stop due to a defect hurts. I'm not mad at development for the bug.  These things happen.  But fire the warning gun or as Dr. Evil would say "Throw me a frikin' bone..Need the info...".  We, as ACC's, expect that ACT will open, import, sync, and link to handhelds (somewhat consistently). Let's get these items on a list where, if they are not working as expected, an email is sent to the community.


My two cents...  BTW: I'm going to use Geoff's Account Number generator (available through SnapInTools) to unequally identify all contacts.  Import the contacts and fields that I can (with the unique field and notes and history's), then export the fields that won't import into .csv with the unique and import the rest from there. This saves me time explaining to the client why they have to buy an import addon to finish the project, especially since I spent an hour last week convincing them to upgrade to ACT 2009 when they already had purchased 2008.


Again, do we have a time frame on resolving this issue?




Garrett Hogan
Brainsell Technologies