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How to perform a lookup using multiple criteria with the Act! SDK

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How to perform a lookup using multiple criteria with the Act! SDK

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Hi everyone,


Here's an example of doing a contact lookup using multiple criteria.


The sample class attached handles adding a new button to the Contact Detail Toobar which when pressed executes the lookup using the following criteria:


Company - Equal To - Swiftpage - AND

ID/Status - Equal To - Employee - END


The button is added like this:


'Check we're on the detail view
            If oApp.CurrentViewName = "Act.UI.IContactDetailView" Then

                'Add the new button to the toolbar
                Dim style As CommandBarControl.ItemDisplayStyle = CommandBarControl.ItemDisplayStyle.ImageAndText
                Dim displayText As String = "Lookup Swiftpage Employees"
                AddToolbarButton(oApp, "Contact Detail Toolbar", displayText, My.Resources.Resource1.toobarStar, style, New CommandHandler(AddressOf ButtonHandler))

                'redraw the toobars

            End If


You'll need the AddToolbarButton and RedrawToobars methods included in the sample class


The lookup is performed like this:


'create relevant criteria columns
            Dim column1 As CriteriaColumn = oApp.ActFramework.Lookups.GetCriteriaColumn("TBL_CONTACT.COMPANYNAME", True)
            Dim column2 As CriteriaColumn = oApp.ActFramework.Lookups.GetCriteriaColumn("TBL_CONTACT.CATEGORY", True)

            'create intividual criteria items using criteria columns
            Dim cList = New List(Of Criteria)
            Dim c1 As Criteria = New Criteria(LogicalOperator.And, 0, 0, column1, OperatorEnum.EqualTo, "Swiftpage")
            Dim c2 As Criteria = New Criteria(LogicalOperator.End, 0, 0, column2, OperatorEnum.EqualTo, "Employee")

            'convert the list to an array
            Dim cArray As Criteria() = cList.ToArray()

            'create a lookup and a contacts list from it.
            Dim contactLookup As ContactLookup = oApp.ActFramework.Lookups.LookupContactsReplace(cArray, True, True)
            Dim contactList As ContactList = contactLookup.GetContacts(Nothing)

            'apply the current contact list and show in the UI
            oApp.ApplicationState.SetCurrentContactList(contactList, Nothing)

You can download the class at the bottom of this post.





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Re: How to perform a lookup using multiple criteria with the Act! SDK

Richard, do you know if this code will still work in ACT20.1 or ACT21?