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How to override ACT! UI Objects

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How to override ACT! UI Objects

My goal was to use the Act.UI.UIContactManager.PopUpShowContacts(cl) where cl is the contact list and application is ActApplication object and place it in a tabnavigator control; however, I kept getting object reference not set to an instance of an object error and cannot add top-level control error. Thus, I changed the design and am now binding the contact list to a datagridview. Now my goal is to show the lookup popup and get the new contact list to update my datagridview not the ACT interface. For example, when I use the following code:



Act.Framework.MutableEntities.MutableEntityFieldDescriptor mefd = application.ActFramework.Contacts.GetFieldDescriptor("TBL_CONTACT.COMPANYNAME", true);


Act.Framework.MutableEntities.MutableEntityFieldDescriptor mefd = application.ActFramework.Contacts.GetFieldDescriptor("TBL_CONTACT.COMPANYNAME", true);    application.UILookupManager.ShowLookupContacts(mefd); 


It shows a popup which is what I want, but on submit it shows the results in the ACT! Contact List View.


Thus, there are 2 parts to my question:


1.) How do I override the application.UILookupManager.ShowLookupContacts to get the contact list and not change the application view if it is possible?

2.) How do I add the Contact List View Pane to my own Windows form object?


The first question being a higher priority. If it is not possibe, how do I search my contact list and update my datagridview?

I'm using C#.



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Re: How to override ACT! UI Objects



I presume you are using the ActAppication Object within a plugin. If you are then you can easily get the current ContactList via:




which returns a ContactList Object which you can set as the DataSource for your DataGridView object.



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