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How to create a group from companies lookup

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How to create a group from companies lookup


I would like to create a group composed of all contacts that I have added to any Company that I have created. This way, I could have one group defined for my active contacts that I could download via Companionlink to by Blackberry. So I have two questions:

1) is there a way to create a lookup of all contacts currently liked to any ACT! Company that I have defined?

2) if the answer to #1 is yes, then how do I use this lookup to create a group from it?



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Re: How to create a group from companies lookup

Greg -


Assuming Act! 2008/v10, create a new, empty group in the Group screen in Act!.


Then goto the Company record in question.  On the contacts tab for that company, right click and select 'Create Lookup'.


In the resulting contact list (i.e. - the company's contact lookup), click 'Tag All' at the top of the screen, and then right click on the list and choose 'Add Contacts to Group', and select your new group.


All of that company's contacts are added to the group!


(This may work the same in previous versions since Act! 2005, but I do not have older versions installed and handy to verify.)O


M Scott Schaffernoth, ACC

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Re: How to create a group from companies lookup

Hi Greg,


I haven't tested this code but it should work. oFram is just an instance of the ActFramework.


Group myGroup = oFram.Groups.CreateGroup();
myGroup.Name = "My Group";


foreach(Company comp in oFram.Companies.GetCompanies(null))





Its in C# but hopefully you get the idea! 




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