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How to add per Database Config

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How to add per Database Config

I'm trying to save a config file to the server so that all clients will be able to get at the data.

Is it possible to create an attachment or write / read a file in one of the other directories in the act database folder without having to attach the item to a company. I don't want to have to create a dummy company as I can imagine the issues with incorrect reporting / people deleting the company etc.

How do other people get round the issues of shared config for all the users? I assume there's still no way in v10.0.2 to create a Database table?


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Re: How to add per Database Config

Hi Russell -


Actually, 10.0.2 introduced the ability to create custom tables.  The one limitation that they have is that the entities contained in them must be tied to a combination of Companies, Contacts, and/or Groups.


To solve the problem at hand, I can see two approaches.  First, you could create a custom table, then link settings to the My Record of the users in the database.  When a value is updated by one person, you would just want to populate it to all of the My Records in the database using your own code.  Second, you can call ACTFM.SupplementalFileManager.Workgroup to get the path to the [database name]-database files folder for a particular database.  You could create a file in there that is accessable to all users yet isn't actually linked to any particular record.  The major caveat here is that a sync environment would be difficult to support, where using the custom tables approach would work fairly well in a sync environment.


Greg Ferber

DesignR1 Software LLC