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How to Tame the Layout Designer - for Contacts Layout

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How to Tame the Layout Designer - for Contacts Layout

Please pardon me as this is my first post.  I promise to play nicely!


I do have a fair amount of database experience and have worked with MS Access, so I'm not a newbie when it comes to forms & layouts.  But I'm flummoxed in my first two attempts to make a user's Contacts screen here in Act.


1.  I have a hard time trying to manipulate a bunch of similarly sized fields and lay them out more cleanly.  I cannot seem to resize them all at once, even with the Property box open.  And resizing them as a group, it is hit-or-miss to get the "right" height or width.


2.  When resizing two or more fields to the same height or width, how do I know which one will be "the one" to that others' dimensions will be resized?


3.  The Contacts window or frame, for lack of a better term, can its height be set so when a user starts Act, the Contacts window opens with no resizing necessary?  How do I "control" its vertical size?  


I am working on two different databases right now and this layout at startup already seems different for both.  I'm not sure how that happened.  My goal is that all fields in the Main Contacts frame are visible without scrolling.


4.  In fact, the Contacts window opens with about the Contacts frame 467px tall;  the 2nd database opens with the Main Contacts frame only 365px tall.  I used the Snipping Tool and Paint to measure that.  Some screen shots, below.


Is there a control for the height of the Main Contacts frame?


Some details:  

Act17 Pro

Windows 7 32-bit

Screen is 1920x1080 (native)

Text set to 125% (Medium) in Ease of Use


Picture 1 (from #4)

Act Contact Size after Act restart- WPE-New 1366x768 .PNG


Pic 2 (from #4)

Act Contact Size after Act restart- ALewis 1024x768 .PNG