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How to Run APFW Query as a Web Service?

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How to Run APFW Query as a Web Service?

We log into an Act! Premium For the Web server and run a custom Saved Query to update a remote database with status code changes.

The actual process is to run the query, export to Excel, ask Excel to export as CSV, and then run a local program to parse the CSV and update the remote non-Act! db.


I'd like to streamline this process in two ways:

1) Skip Excel.   We don't want an Excel file, just the data.

2) Run the entire "log in to Act & run a saved query" from a program.  Yeah, I could screen scrape, but I'd rather use an existing web service that returns XML, JSON, CSV, plain text, or simple HTML.  Something like:




to run "query_123" with a single parameter of  "7" (say, for the last 7 days)  using a session I have previously logged into using the account of "user".


Is there any such facility?   Or am I gonna have to screen scrape and risk interface program breakage every time a new page layout gets released?

(I have no access to our Act! server)



- Randy