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How can I improve the performance of this...

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How can I improve the performance of this...

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Currently I am retrieving a list of all of the contacts and then cycling through the contacts' histories to determine if they belong to the user who is logged into my little reporting application. The problem is that there are 18000 contacts and it takes about 20 minutes to run. What I would prefer to do is to just query the histories directly and pass in a filter for the user that is logged in but I don't think this is possible since "GetHistories" requires a contact to be specified.


Is there a better way to approach this?


We are using ACT! 2009.



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Re: How can I improve the performance of this...

Hi Craig,


Myabe you could use the Act.Framework.CurrentACTOLEDB property to get the connection string to the OLEDB provider and carryout the query in a SQL statement resulting ina  Datasource which you could attach to your custom report generator? The SQL query will be much faster than iterating through ACT! object collections. I think in Bill's blog he has a code snippet of conecting to the ACTOLEDB provider.





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