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How can I add contact document by API?

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How can I add contact document by API?

Dear all,


I try to add a new picture to Act, but it can not work.

I am not sure the way is correct : 


Act.Framework.SupplementalFiles.Attachment att = m_ActFramework.SupplementalFileManager.CreateAttachment(Act.Framework.SupplementalFiles.AttachmentMate.Note, "C:\\TO.jpg", "testname", true);



m_ActFramework.SupplementalFileManager.AddAttachment(att, actContact.ID);


It will error catch in " m_ActFramework.SupplementalFileManager.AddAttachment(att, actContact.ID); "

The error message is " The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint \"ATTACHMENT_NOTEID_FK\". The conflict occurred in database \"penpower\", table \"dbo.TBL_NOTE\", column 'NOTEID'.\r\nThe statement has been terminated. "


Help me,please!!!!

Thanks for all.

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Re: How can I add contact document by API?

Hello VinaShen,


There are a couple of examples already in the forum for creating attachments:


There are more but these two both include sample code. The thing to keep in mind is that an attachment on the documents tab is a History of type Library Document. 


Hope this helps.

Matthew Wood
Act! SDK Support
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