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History Details FieldDescriptor

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History Details FieldDescriptor

The ACTFieldType for HISTORY DETAILS FieldDescriptor is character.


Shouldn't it be Memo?


-- Jim Durkin

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Re: History Details FieldDescriptor

Just a thought, but since Act uses the SQL Server engine, it possibly could be character. Starting with SQL Server 2005, best practices are to declare large misc. character data-based fields as either "nvarchar(max)" or "varchar(max)" and not as "ntext" or "text". The "text" field types are set to be removed in later versions (though they are still available in SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1). From my experience, a "memo" field is usually associated with the "text" field types in SQL (MS Access comes to mind). So, it could be that since the underlying table definition is set to "varchar(max)", the SDK uses character, and not memo. Again, this is just a thought.

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Re: History Details FieldDescriptor



I can't say whether it should be or not but, the field types that we see in define fields obviously don't map 1 to 1 with the SQL datatypes that actually store the data. Both memo and character fields store the data as NVARCHAR with variable length depending on what you set the max characters to, except for type memo which always uses MAX. If we look at it this way, I suppose we could say the details section of history is of type "memo", so long as memo means NVARCHAR(MAX).


With that in mind you may be right, but I can't say definitively in either direction.

Matthew Wood
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